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Fern Reiss

Alyza Harris, (617) 630-0945

Become Media-worthy and a Valued Source

(Boston, Massachusetts) — In the eyes of prospective clients and customers, an architect, doctor, or financial planner quoted often in the media enjoys a shimmering halo of expertise not enjoyed by their colleague who is in fact equally capable. Fern Reiss, who has been quoted herself in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, and scores of other prestigious publications in the last six months, now teaches professionals with credentials how to take their knowledge to a wide, national stage, in a series of Expertizing workshops, taking place at Ritz Carlton Hotels in Boston, San Francisco, and New York City.

“The media are easier to reach than previously,” says Reiss, whose books include The Publishing Game (three volumes) and The Infertility Diet. “And because they’re pressed for time, reporters and radio or TV producers can’t pound the pavement looking for experts. But even so, no matter how much you know, they’ll turn to you as an expert source only if you can offer one or more media-worthy credentials.” These include:

  • A book. Authors get miles more column inches than non-authors.

  • A catchy web site. Author Philip Greenspun stands out from other money and finance authors with the “Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock” at his site. “Journalists love it,” says Reiss.

  • An association. If you’re a child psychiatrist, that’s good, but if you’re the founder of the National No-Bullying Association, that rates exponentially more media coverage

  • A holiday. A technical services company Reiss consults for is getting ready to unroll National Geek Day next year, a sure-fire media pleaser.

As part of her Expertizing workshops, Reiss teaches how to come up with sound bites that condense a big idea into a memorable little package. For instance, “Got milk? Get rid of it” was part of the pitch that got Reiss’s views on infertility into several women’s magazines.

In 2005, Expertizing workshops take place at Ritz Carlton Hotels in New York City on September 18, and Boston on September 25. The complete schedule can be found online at, or by calling (617)630-0945.

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